Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Blueberry Bed

A couple of summers ago we planted two blueberry bushes in our front flower/garden bed, both of which ripen in late spring (only couple more weeks to fresh blueberries!).  Last weekend we picked up five new blueberry bushes of different varieties that will ripen from late June through August.  I was able to plant three of the new blueberry bushes today with the older blueberries.

This is the "blueberry bed."  There is a tiny little blueberry bush in the background.  I had to move few of the day lilies to make room for the two other blueberries , which is fine - I am not a huge fan of day lilies, but I do like that they flower throughout the entire summer.

The transplanted day lilies now reside along the street.  Weather providing, I'll plant the remaining two blueberry bushes on Friday. 

After I planted the blueberries I took the cold cases off of the sidewalk beds.  The lettuce, radishes, and peas are looking good, but this year the carrots, and chard didn't do as well.  Fortunately, last year's ruby red chard plants provided a bumper crop, and the plants are just waking up.  I'll try to harvest their seeds this year.

I ran across this spider when I was removing the cold cases.  By Maryland standards, this is a huge spider.  I've seen much larger spiders in places far from Maryland, but my sons kept a leery eye on it.

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