Sunday, May 12, 2013

Smart as a Pig!

My 1st grader made the following Mother's Day card at school.  Oh, to be seven again...I wonder what the teacher thought.

So, a synopsis of the conversation:
Mom - I'm as smart as a pig?!!
Son - but Mom, pigs are smarter than dogs, but they have poor eyesight. And they have a good sense of smell.

This is definitely a keeper.  Fortunately he's seven, and although maybe not the best way to wish mom a Happy Mother's Day, he certainly does have some sort of innocent charm.  And then he spent most of the rest of the day outside, doing what kids do when near even the smallest of water sources, playing in the ditch water.

Both my boys often comment on shadows, and how much they "move" over the course of a day.  So today  we placed a stick in the ground, marked its shadow, and waited about fifteen minutes.

They were again impressed with how much the shadow "moved" over a short time.  Then we talked about how the change in the shadows can help us with our directions.  And with sidewalk chalk, we were able to draw a North arrow.

Maybe the Google satellite will update their aerial image of our house with our cool chalked North arrow on the driveway.


  1. I was informed there was an alligator in the clouds on Saturday. Sure enough, if you laid back it looked like it had an open mouth and even a big round eye. I'm glad they slow me down enough to look at the clouds or I would miss so much. Enjoy!

  2. Ah, the kiddos, they really do say the best things, don't they!?! That will be a great treasure in decades to come.

    I love the curiosity and the encouragement of it in the shadows project. Very cool.