Sunday, May 5, 2013

Solar Cats and a Few Plants

I volunteer at an animal shelter.  Each Sunday I help clean up, make sure everyone is healthy, and pay a little attention to the cats I watch.  Standing still in a room with fifty cats can be challenging (they just climb right up you), cleaning that same room with said fifty cats usually means that the room doesn't look much cleaner once finished.  Today was a nice sunny day, however, and with a south face storm door, I only had to contend with about forty-three cats throughout the cleaning routine (what a breeze).

And when I got home, two of the neighborhood cats were also charging their batteries...

My wife and boys visited one of the local farms when I was at the animal shelter.  While they were out, I transplanted the tomato plants.  The tomatoes are in a new bed on the south side of the house, so they, just like the cats, should be happy with sun all day.  When the family returned, they brought with them an assortment of colorful flowers from the farm stand.  We planted the new flowers with the nearly-done tulips and mystery lilies.    


  1. Good for you, helping to care for all those kitties!!

  2. That's a lot of kitties! Thank you for volunteering for them. It amazes me how fast the bulbs seem to go by. We're still not quite into spring here yet.