Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pictures of the Week

I had to check if he was still breathing...(he was) 

The greatest job in the world...when you're seven

Our peonies began to bloom 

The first of the mystery lilies to bloom


  1. My niece and nephew love to help us mow the lawn with our reel mower! And I feel safe letting them! That's win-win!

    That kitty looks pretty darn comfy there! Is that on the roof of a parked car? :)

    1. A reel mower; safe, and....quiet!

      Yep, the cat was on the roof of the car, which isn't uncommon (although I hadn't seen that level of comfort before...). Sometimes they don't even wait for us to get out of the car before they jump up and walk up the windshield onto the roof.