Friday, May 3, 2013

Potato Pots and Mystery Lilies

I was happy to see potato plants peeking from their pots this morning.  My boys and I planted "blue potatoes" in four pots last month.  This is my first potato pot planting experience, so we'll see how it turns out.  The "blue potatoes," along with the "purple beans" and last year's "purple carrots" make gardening fun for kids (and it doesn't help with eating well, too - my boys fought over who got to eat what purple carrot last year!).

Last summer lilies grew in what are now the potato pots.  But because I didn't separate and label which bulbs were which type of lilies, we'll soon enjoy mystery lilies in one of the front flower beds.

Over the past few years we've increased the amount of area dedicated to growing plants other than grass.  Usually we'll transplant flowers into the new garden space while continuing to work compost into the clay soil.  As the soil conditions improve, we'll plant flowers from seed and eventually vegetables too.  Purple and yellow pansies are in the new garden space.  I'm hoping to harvest some of the pansy seeds.  Last year we grew a lot of vincas from harvested seed, but this year, for some reason, the vincas haven't come up.


  1. Who doesn't love a good little mystery gardening!?! Pansies are among my most favorite flowers. Yours are looking very well! We've never grown potatoes in pots and I am keen to find out how it works for you. How big of a pot are you using?

    Matt and I love growing "weird" colored things. Purple potatoes are a must.

  2. Hello MT! I just measured one of the pots; approx. 18" diameter and 17" tall. So, if I did my math conversions properly, I'd say almost 20 gal. pots. I am concerned I may have planted too many potatoes in each pot (4), but we'll wait and see. Cheers!