Saturday, May 11, 2013

Opening Day...for the Farmers Market!

My sons helped plant the remaining two blueberry bushes yesterday afternoon.  We ran out of room in the front bed and had to dedicate space in the yard.  Cool! - that's less lawn to quasi-mow.  Now we have seven blueberry bushes: two that we've had for a couple of years and are already good producers, and five more we picked up last weekend.

This morning the Havre de Grace Farmers Market opened for the season.  We're regulars at the farmers market and today we picked up mushrooms, a block of cheddar cheese, and two pepper plants (the peppers I planted from last year's plants didn't come up...).

We've had a cooler than usual spring, and that was apparent at the market today in that I didn't see any strawberries.  The farmers said we're a few weeks behind.  I hope that the heavy rains we've had over the past week or so won't hurt the strawberry yields.

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