Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yes I Can

With the aid of a library book and some spare time on a Saturday afternoon, I just canned my first ever batch of anything!

I headed out to the blueberry farm early Saturday morning, and was able to pick eight pounds of blueberries in about an hour.  From the there I went the farmers market and bought cucumbers and onions for pickling.

As this was my first attempt at canning, I learned a lot about the setup and having everything in the right order during the first batch.  After that, it seemed to go quite smoothly.  It just takes a little time.

Of course I will withhold total excitement until after I taste this stuff in the coming weeks and months.  But the process is logical.  Very much like a chemistry project where everything must be done in the proper order and at the precise moment (although with canning I think the timing is a little more forgiving).  The tally for the weekend: 10 pint jars of blueberry pie filling and 4 pint jars of pickles.    


  1. Yay! What a wonderful milestone, right?! It might "ruin" you though....I won't really eat pickles from the store anymore....there is just not comparison.

    Matt has done most of our canning since we started a number of years back, but just last year I did my first completely solo batch and I was so satisfied by the process.

    Good work! I've never picked blueberries or even had a really fresh one. But, hopefully in a few years I'll have some on the bushes in the front yard.

    1. You're in for a treat once your blueberry bushes establish themselves. Of course nothing "fresh from the store" compares to "fresh from the source," but blueberries are intoxicatingly sweet. And the best ones I think are wild blueberries. Perhaps I am just being nostalgic, but the best blueberries I remember were in the woods near my boyhood home in Upper Michigan. Little knee-high bushes produced the sweetest berries. The farm I went to this weekend was more like a vineyard with rows of 6 & 7 foot tall bushes. Still, waaaaaay better than the store, and not picked last week and shipped from wherever.