Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away...Unless You Need It

This has been an unusually wet week.  After an inch of rain last Monday, we got four inches of rain last Friday, followed by two more inches this Sunday and Monday.  Yikes!

Either chickens like rain, or maybe its just that they really aren't that smart, but...even though we have two "chicken tents," in addition to their coop, for them to seek shelter from weather and the rare hawk, they stood in the rain all day long...

We were fortunate that, although steady, the rain generally wasn't a down pour, allowing more time for the ground to absorb the water.

While I believe that purchasing locally grown food products is sensible on many levels, I read an article this week (similar to this one) that opened my eyes to a challenge I had not thought about: the water loss due to exporting food products.  The basic gist is that the water contained in food products is lost from a region if exporting those food products, which poses real problems for drought-prone areas or even areas that depend on large volumes of lake or river water for crops and animals.  Just another reason to visit a local farm stand.

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  1. Hmmmmm, I'd never thought of the water loss bit. Interesting. All the little things add up.

    And boy, I thought we were getting a lot of rain here!! Four inches?! In a day?! Our average is 12-14 inches per year!