Saturday, April 27, 2013

An Afternoon at Longwood Gardens

Today was a gorgeous sunny day.  We did a lot so I had to get up and get moving.  My younger son helped me plant more beans and then also helped with the watering.  This spring we've been using old juice containers to act as mini-greenhouses and also protect seedlings against rabbits and other critters.  So far the juice containers have worked well for spinach and beans.

After lunch we visited Longwood Gardens, which is about 45 miles (~73 km) from home.  I go to Longwood Gardens usually once or twice a year, though my wife and kids visit slightly more often.  The flowers were absolutely stunning.

Me and my older son

 This sundial is at the center of one of the gardens

I just love sundials.  They seem so simple until one considers the observations and calculations that must be made from a specific location in order for the sundial to be more than decorative.


  1. I've only been to Kennett Square once but it was not for Longwood. I have seen pics my Mom took at Longwood back in the late 80s. Someday, maybe.

    Your chickens are gorgeous!