Monday, April 29, 2013

Needed Rain

A light rain fell throughout most of the day, with a total rainfall of about half an inch.  It has been dry, so I was glad to have the rain.    

A Barnevelder chicken stays off the wet ground, or perhaps she just enjoys the view 

It's almost blueberry time!

Flowering kale

We have two varieties of kale in this bed; dinosaur kale (foreground) and siberian kale (background).  We've enjoyed kale nearly every day since late February.  And naming kale "dinosaur kale" was a good marketing move.  My sons don't like siberian kale, only dinosaur kale.  

 The spinach is looking good

Radishes from last year's harvested seeds

It wasn't until last spring that I first tried radish greens.  I never knew anyone that ate them.  Growing more vegetables and frequenting farm stands has expanded not only our menu list but also our food preparation know how. 

My younger son gathers the eggs

Collecting the eggs used to be my older son's job (he's seven).  But he no longer thinks of it as fun, which is fine because it gave my younger son (he's four) the opportunity to take ownership of this task.  

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