Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Colors of Spring

  Last fall we planted tulip bulbs for the first time and eagerly awaited the arrival of spring, and with it a colorful change of seasons.  Unfortunately, we did have some issues with rabbits.  Our homemade, non-toxic  egg and water repellent, which reportedly does real well at keeping deer at bay, did not repel all of the rabbits.  So we put up a makeshift fence around the tulip bed and haven't had any further rabbit attacks.

My younger son says "Cheese" while standing next to the tulip bush.

And while not as vibrant a color, the green tomato plants are a sure sign of spring.  We moved our plants from the house to the covered beds last weekend.  Last summer was the first time I enjoyed tomatoes grown from seeds that I planted.  This year we planted several roma tomatoes and grape tomatoes.

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